RBX Wallet

RBX Wallet is a Roblox E-Wallet, We make it easier for you to receive robux or send robux to your friends and family! We also make it easier for websites and services to receive robux as a payment option!

Why Choose RBX-Wallet?

The Only Roblox Wallet

Load and Send Robux All Around The World Or Receive Robux For Your Sales! All in seconds!

Interactable Control Panel

Keep Track Of Everything & Manage Your Wallet Like A Pro

Suitable For Business

Use RBX Wallet To Run Your Website! Receive Robux as a payment option with ease.

Robux Or Cash

Load your RBX-Wallet with robux or cash on the spot!

Buy & Sell Robux!

Sell your robux for cash right on our platform or buy robux from one of the many sellers!

Secure And Safe With Low Cost

Our Platform makes it safe and secure to send and receive robux to your friends at a low cost!

Due to the nature of robux fees on the roblox platform we have written a guide to help you better understand our fees and end goals. View all information about fees here